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Creator Of
Gorgeous Rx® System


Board-Certified Dermatologist


National Speaker
Best- Selling Author


Dermatology Associates, PC


Dr. Sonya Johnson, is a board-certified dermatologist, creator of the Gorgeous Rx® System, and a highly sought-after National Speaker. Dr. Johnson practices Dermatology at her private practice, Dermatology Associates, PC, spread across three locations in Indiana. She has enabled women of all ethnicities and skin tones, to achieve a clear and even skin tone for more than 20 years.
Besides General Dermatology, Dr. Johnson is known for her Cosmetic, Laser, and Surgical procedures including Mohs Surgery for Skin Cancers. If you want to stay tuned for her latest and upcoming skin care treatments, keep an eye on where she shares her recent findings, blogs, and all about the realm of Dermatology!


Dr Johnson is very caring and attentive, we love her!

Debra Hizer

Dr Johnson warmed me over today!! Her knowledge and big bright smile made me feel a lot Better! This was my first dermatologist appt in life and I’m glad I chose to keep my appt! Thank you, Dr Johnson!!!!!

Jarie Nicholson

Dr. Johnson’s product, Brilliant-C, is magic. It created the skin appearance I always wanted. It removed all my blemishes. I am forever grateful!


My son and I will be seeing Dr. Johnson. Her lecture was on point! She was captivating, engaging and of course beautiful. The lecture was relevant to the audience, which was young African-American men and their fathers. She found time to answer every question. To see all the beaus engaged and many asking question about their own health, was inspiring.

Parent of a Beau in Beautillion

Always has a beautiful smile on her face and a kind word while still being the best doc ever. I would recommend her to anyone who is struggling with skin problems. She is the best in my opinion. My husband feels that she is the best physician he has ever seen. We love you Doc. Sonya!!!

Pamela Sue Franklin Drinkut

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