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About Dr. Sonya Johnson

I graduated top of my high school and college. I was a co-Resident of the Dermatology Residency. I have been in private practice for over 20 years.

After the government placed more demands on physician offices, with the challenges of increased overhead, and employee retention problems, the pressures to own and successfully run a private practice became taxing. Have you ever had physical and mental strains on your body due to the pressures of your job? Have you felt you are losing interest in your work?

I started to lose the passion I had for my office. Anxiety started to hold me because I began doubting my steps, and the future seemed blurred. Insomnia became a problem, and I developed severe abdominal pains.
My lawyer gave me a bit of advice that I hold close to this day. She said, “No company can provide you security, ONLY YOU can secure yourself.” She was right!

I changed my mindset. The anxiety resolved, and I rediscovered my passion. Once I started changing my perspective, the paradigm in the office changed. I learned a new technique to serve my patients better than before. As in every relationship, communication is the key. Keeping this approach, with every client my goal was to learn the end result they desired. No matter if their journey was long or short. The conclusion was that they all wanted a means to gain self-confidence and restore their lost esteem caused by an uneven skin tone and the problems associated with it.

With a super-focused approach to improving their complexions, our practice doubled its sales and gained clients trusting us till today. My patients wanted me to share my gifts with the world.

As the founder and Chief Medical Advisor of, I provide top-notch clinical and aesthetic treatments to help my clients diminish their skin insecurities and enable them to achieve clear skin. My mission is simple: To create an artistic expression of oneself by enhancing your natural beauty and glow through healthy skin care, education, procedures, and products.

As a board-certified dermatologist at Dermatology Associates, PC, I have 3 locations to serve clients from newborns to over 100-year-old individuals. My experience ranges from General Dermatology to Surgical and Cosmetics. I also perform Dermatopathology services, Skin care Lasers, and Mohs Micrographic Surgery for Basal Cell Carcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma. I see patients for general rashes, acne, infections, psoriasis, and other General Dermatology concerns.
Treatments with surgical dermatology include the removal of Cancerous lesions such as Melanoma and Benign lesions. Besides injections to remove fine lines and wrinkles, Cosmetic Dermatology incorporates services, such as injections of Dermal Fillers for loss of volume and esthetic services. I read pathology slides for my patients. Laser surgeries include; laser hair removal, lasers for age spots and red lesions, laser for Facial Rejuvenation, and Resurfacing lasers.